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I don’t know about you, but I love Twitter. I love how fast it is. I love how insatiable the information is. I love how easy it is to connect with even hard-to-reach people and I love how it can give you a glimpse of what is happening during history events in the making.

That’s why this isn’t my first Twitter post, or even my second or third.

This past year, Twitter was the platform which gave rise to the #MeToo Campaign with Alyssa Milano’s now famous tweet. And it’s not surprising. Twitter is such an easy platform through which to disseminate information. Especially short bites. And when something catches on, it can catch on within minutes or seconds, becoming viral in an instant.

As women around the world celebrate International Women’s Day, myself among them, I’ve chosen to share tweets from around the world showing how various women, men and organizations are inspiring, celebrating and making a difference.  

As International Women’s Day is still happening, more wonderful tweets will be tweeted throughout the day. Please share your favorite International Women’s Day Tweets in the comments section below.

Happy International Women’s Day 2018!

1. Brilliant Marketing Shared

2. A beautiful dedication to those women who cannot celebrate International Women’s Day

3. Acknowledgement, love and inspiration

4. We are all wonder women here to support each other

5. MP Robert Jenrick acknowledging his kick-ass wife being featured in the Financial Times in honour of International Women’s Day 2018

6. A great quote and image, and also a beautiful acknowledgement

7. Opening the sticky door for each other

8. Being bold in the Phillipines

9. The amazing difference these UK women are making

10. Some of the reasons we still need to be celebrating International Women’s Day in 2018

11. A beautiful and powerful quote from Elizabeth Gilbert

12. An important call to change things in Africa  

13. Women matter at every stage of their life up to the very end

14. In India to make the railway safer for women

15. A beautiful tweet that begins a beautiful thread

16. A Powerful message from Serena Williams

17. Breaking down the barriers of gender-bias

18. Women in STEM celebrate

19.  It’s happening in Australia – when companies believe in equality (and don’t just say they do) women earn the same as their male counterparts 

20.  Because we all need role models

21.  The UK’s Labour Party’s beautiful tribute to International Women’s Day 2018

22. Inclusion

23. Breaking the gender bias – In Somalia 

24. Sadly there are too many reasons we’re still celebrating International Women’s Day 

25. How it all began 

26. United we stand 

27. A request to acknowledging our idols

28. What are extremists most afraid of?

29. A great reminder

30. It’s women who are flying this plane now 

International Women’s Day 2018 isn’t over yet, so don’t forget to add your favourite tweets in the comments section below!

Happy International Women’s Day 2018!