Do you know what’s stopping you from being the best version of yourself?


That voice inside you that you’re not good enough; that you don’t have what it takes. 

And she’s so hard to ignore.

Mrs.Doubtfinder is a YouTube channel that gives a voice (and face) to those doubts, and explores ideas to help overcome them.

Instead of denying our doubts, it’s up to us to acknowledge them, acknowledge the discomfort, and not let it stop us.

The Mrs. Doubtfinder YouTube channel is the brainchild of a friendship and creative partnership with Judi Srebro, who has encouraged me to share it with the Successful Women of Israel community.

The series takes a look at our dark doubts, while adding a bit of light humour, but always with hopefully helpful and applicable takeaway messages, as well as a bonus outtake and some laughter.

Enjoy these very short episodes. Like them, share them, subscribe, and comment. Tell us what other topics you’d like to see addressed.

While we have some fun with this endeavor, we also strive to share something for all of us, empowering us to rise above the doubts.