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This past year, I have met, spoken to, and corresponded with some truly incredible women in Israel. It has been an honour and a pleasure to bring their stories, insights and ideas to light.

As a result, 2017 has been a tremendous year of growth for Successful Women of Israel. Changing the blog’s name and focus have been instrumental in driving more interest and traffic (by the time the year is out, this blog will have seen 300% growth!). Subscribers have grown fivefold.

Below are the 10 most read blog posts in 2017.

Be inspired and gain insights and tips about work and success. And never ever give up!

1.  69 Things Israel’s Successful Women Love about their Country 

69 Things Israel's Successful Women Love About Israel

2. 11 Inspiring Women who are Making Israel a Better Place

3. 13 Successful Israeli Women Share their Favourite Tools and Apps  

Liat Behr

4. InspHERation: Bat-chen Grinberg – Founder of MC Forum and Creative Director of FailCon 

Bat-chen Greenberg

5. 7 Successful Israeli Women Share Their Best Productivity Tips


6. How to Get Paid by Clients who Don’t Want to Pay

Get paid

7. InspHERation: Yiska Oppenheim – Marketing Strategist and Director of Emunah’s Business Club 

women's leadership

8. InspHERation: Yahel Atsmon – Chemistry Teacher, Davidson Institute of Science Education

Davidson Institute

9. InspHERation: Emma Butin – Innovator, Strategic Advisor and Teacher 

Emma Butin quote

10. InspHERation: Orit Freilich – Artist, Fashion Designer and Feminist 

Orit Freilich quote