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I’ll always remember 2015 as the year I turned 40. But it’s also the year that I tripled my businesses’ revenue and I set up a national writer’s group (the group is in the making, but by the end of 2015, it should be fully established).

While I’m very proud of these achievements, I hope it’s only the beginning. The beginning of 40.

Truthfully, I was dreading 40. I remember my father turning 40 and all the over-the-hill jokes, mugs and T-shirts I came across at the IT store into Toronto while searching for a gift for him.

I remember 40 as old. And yet I don’t feel old.

And if the way my friends look is any indication of the way I look, then I don’t look 40 either.

Does age really matter?

Age matters. But only if you let it.

And I think that I’ll let it matter.

Here’s why.

In my 40 years I have amassed more failures than I care to admit, and my fear of failing has inhibited me from trying more and building more. But no more.

Because 40 can be a very liberating age, if you let it.

Sure, I’ve failed plenty.

But in 40 years I’ve also learned a ton and experienced a whole lot more. I’ve learned that my hunches are good and that I can trust myself. It’s taken me 40 years to figure out who I am, but I think I get me. Finally.

The Vera Wang Years

The years after retirement are called the golden years. But I couldn’t seem to find a term for the years between 40 and 60. I’ve dubbed them the Vera Wang years, in honour of Vera Wang who according to Business Insider started her career as a designer at age 40 and has experienced success by building her business through hard work and passion.

…It’s been a trip of passion, but it has not been a quick trip. Nor has it been easy. And that is the truth.

I don’t imagine that the coming years are going to be easy. But with lot of hard work and passion, I do believe success will come.

I’m looking forward to the Vera Wang years. The best years ever.