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About a month ago, I met Meshuganehmum, aka Miri Bar Natan, a friend and well-known tech-savvy marketer in the hi-tech industry, at the home of mutual friends. I asked her if she would meet up with me after I returned from my family vacation to discuss Snapchat and find out what she thinks about Snapchat, women, and feeling worthy.

We met to talk this past Sunday. Here’s what Meshuganehmum taught me.



I don’t get it. Why do people love Snapchat?


Snapchat works for three reasons in my opinion.

  1. We are all reality freaks. We love promoting ourselves and we love to “stalk” other people’s lives. Snapchat is the ideal platform for this – it lets everyone document their lives as a reality show in bite sized 10-second snaps which are trashed after 24 hours, (so no worries if you were too much of an idiot).
  2. Snapchat creates an illusion of intimacy. The user interface was designed to give users a feeling of privacy, that’s why it feels small (the camera homepage, the limited information on other users, the story feed design, the limited discovery). So people feel comfortable documenting and exposing themselves.
  3. The bizarre, psychedelic filters! At the end of the day, we all like to act silly and have fun!


So who do you follow on Snapchat?


I follow celebrities, and I follow people with value and I follow some people I know.

For marketing advice and content:

  • Garyvee (of course!)
  • Taliagw
  • Hilzfuld
  • Madcapslaugh
  • Womenintech
  • Azrielr

For some comic relief:

  • Joelcomm
  • Alytrachtman

For celeb-stalking – she likes to call it escapism:

  • Bella Hadid (babybels777)
  • Kate Hudson (khudsnaps)

And if you want to discover more people on Snapchat, visit The 11th Second.

Also, I highly recommend you follow Talia Wolf’s content, because she has an amazing perspective on everything marketing.


Why do you love Snapchat? What do you think makes it a compelling social media platform?