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It’s 2020 and women are still discriminated against when it comes to pay.

In the US, women are paid 82 cents for every dollar men get paid.

In Canada, 74 cents.

In Australia, 83 cents.

And in Israel, 66 cents.

A gender pay gap exists around the world. But in Israel it’s worse than in the US, Canada, and Australia.

The big idea behind promoting equality

Enter SHEvyon.

SHEvyon means equality, in Hebrew, and it was founded by Yehudit Ben-Levy, Hadas Reis, and Netta Granot.

They founded SHEvyon to promote economic, political, educational, and social equality, as well as equal opportunities in business.

The big idea behind promoting equality, is that it’s not just a nice thing to have.

Equality makes financial sense.

Take the McKinsey study that shows that women in top management positions show better financial performance and contribute to stronger organizational performance.

Or the fact that equality in the workplace:

• Reduces employee turnover
• Improves morale and productivity
• Improves a company’s reputation

These of course contribute to the bottom line, making companies that promote equality more profitable.

SHEvyon promotes equality through creating networks and collaboration with organizations that have the ability to implement change.

This is a vital piece of the puzzle toward equality, because “those closest to the problem, are closest to the solution.” And when decision makers are in a position to implement change, change happens.

Hacking Israel’s Way to Equality

So what’s SHEvyon practically doing to promote equality?

As part of its efforts SHEvyon is hosting a gender equality virtual hackathon, inviting Hebrew speakers from around the world to submit a venture, product, project, workplan, campaign or whatever idea they feel will get the buy-in from organizations to create equality.

For two and a half days, diverse teams will tackle gender equality issues, and work together to find, create, and develop pragmatic solutions that will promote equality, strengthen Israeli society and create lasting change.

SHEvyon’s gender equality hackathon will take place on November 15-17, 2020, with registration beginning today – October 15th.

So if you’re a Hebrew speaker who cares about promoting equality in Israeli society and hacking the gender pay gap, make sure to learn more on SHEvyon’s website and follow SHEvyon on Facebook, and Instagram.