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When we talk about diversity, we often talk about diversity in the boardroom. But we also have to talk about diversity on stage.

Putting both men and women on stage is important for us as a society. In her article, Our Conference Diversity Retrospective, Ashley Chang points out that

“Diversity at conferences is especially important because we are putting people on stage as role-models.”

By putting both men and women on stage, we’re creating a more equal society, with more and better ideas, and setting an example for the industry in which we’re working.

But diversity at conferences, like diversity in the boardroom, requires intent and diligence.

And while there may be no shortage of women speakers, some still say they have trouble finding women speakers.

It is for them, that I have compiled this list of databases of women speakers.

Thank you for being intentional about finding women experts. I hope this list helps you find the speaker, moderator or panelist for your next conference.


women speakers



Request a Woman Scientist

Medtech Women

Women in Life Sciences



Wonder Women Tech


The Next Web

Israeli Women Tech Speakers

605 UK Women Tech Speakers




Women Speakers in Design

Women Talk Design


Recruitment & HR

HR women speakers


Big list of women speakers in recruitment and HR

Databases with Speakers on Various Topics

Israeli women speakers



There’s clearly a lot more work to be done. Lists of women speakers in every industry should be made accessible to all. It’s a powerful way of empowering women and making conference stages across the world more equal.

Many of the databases above were created by women for women. This is one more way, women can help women shatter the glass ceiling. 

Please add more databases of women speakers in the comments below to help make this post as comprehensive as possible.