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I never planned on working in hi-tech. It just happened. Like when you trip. Except that I fell into something amazing. The world of hi-tech taught me so much, not the least of which is that sometimes it’s a great idea to let what comes carry you.

Here are 5 things working in hi-tech taught me.

I am forever in debt to the wonderful Orly Itzhaki, CEO of WiseStamp for teaching me and giving me the opportunity to learn so much.  

  1. Break the speed limit and get into an accident if you must

This lesson tops my list, because it’s one of the most important lessons I learned. As a writer, it’s also one of the most difficult for me to embrace.

Speed counts. How fast you work and how much you get done is extremely important.

Writing is one of those things I don’t feel I can always rush. It takes time to write well. It takes time until ideas simmer in the crock pot of your mind and your writing takes on a unique flavour.

But you can still get your ideas down. Start writing a piece without being scared about what you’ll produce. Have faith. And if you fail, start again. But don’t stop writing.   

  1. Work doesn’t have to feel like work

I have to admit, I had the best time. WiseStamp has an impressive corporate culture. Yes, there’s work. Lots of it. But there’s so much respect for you as an individual and for your time.

And then there’s the people. WiseStampers are mensches and they’re fun to be around. They’re people who are working hard to meet deadlines, but people who will also stop what they’re doing to help you meet yours. When you love what you do, work doesn’t have to feel like work. Especially when there are wonderful people around you.

  1. There’s a tool for everything

Once upon a time, there were excuses. But then came hi-tech and killed them all. But not before it invented the tools to help everyone get their work done. No joke, there really is a tool for everything – almost everything. And whatever there isn’t a tool for already, is currently in development.

3 of my favorites:

i. Jing

ii. WiseStamp (I’m a huge fan. Can you tell?)

iii. Buffer

  1. The most important skill is adaptability

It doesn’t matter what you do. The world is developing so rapidly that our ability to adapt is possibly the most important skill we can develop. Working in hi-tech taught me that there’s no such thing as feeling comfortable. Things are changing so fast, you have to keep up. That means reading blogs, listening to podcasts and not being scared to try out new things.

  1. Dare to fail

In order to succeed you have to be courageous enough to fail. Because you will. And then you’ll get up and try again. I knew this to some extent before WiseStamp. What I didn’t know is just how vital it is to keep trying new things. Fear has no place in the hi-tech world. Just keep at it trying new things all the time. Once you learn what works, run with it and then get out there again and explore new territory.

What lessons has your workplace taught you? I’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment below.