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Twitter is ongoing party of great tips, content and conversation. If you’re not learning things on Twitter, it’s because you’re following the wrong people. Beyond just being entertained, Twitter is a platform on which it’s easy to share immediate pain points, successes as well as tips and inspiration. Twitter also makes it especially easy to network with people across the globe.
Every business woman should be following these women; the reasons, below:  

1.CamMiPham @cammipham

Cammi is interesting, inspiring and she goes against the grain. She offers so much every business woman needs to learn.

2. Christina DesMarais @salubriousdish

From hiring to habits, Christina dishes out a feast of links to her insightful and practical articles that will keep you coming back for more.   

3. Madonna @Madonna

Madonna is and forever will be a badass feminist, rebel and innovator. There’s so much to learn from her genius and her courage.

4. Social Pivot PR @DonnaCravolta

This social media and PR sage will keep you on your toes and on top of your game.

5. Susan Snipes @SusanSnipes

Susan Snipes is passionate about the act of creation, simplicity, the journey, inclusion and leadership. Her shares are honest and thought-provoking.  

6. Suzanne Moore @SuzanneMooreAtl

Everything from content and marketing tips, to ppc, email campaigns and targeting your audience.

7. Jessica Jobes @jessicajobes

She’s a growth hacker and woman in tech. She the genius that will show you how to use your website to make money and she helps small businesses on limited budgets.

8. Anna Woodward @gWoodi

The Twitter feed devoted to women’s distresses and successes. Need I say more?

9. Angela Boswell @angelaboswell_1

She’ll make you think. Enough said.

10. Megan Sheerin @MeganSheerin

Want to build a great brand? Follow a woman who understand branding.

What amazing women do you follow on Twitter and why?