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Last week, I attended my second Jasmine conference (here’s a link to my post about last year’s Jasmine conference). And though this year the conference was smaller and had less hype, I still came away inspired.

Once again, business women from every sector of Israeli society met to discuss challenges and ways to do business better. The focus of the conference was digital marketing and was a joint event organized by Jasmine and the Israel Internet Association.

As business women, we can’t get away from digital marketing which utilizes search engines, social media, email and websites to leverage business connections and build relationships with prospective customers.  In other words, digital marketing employs powerful tools that we can choose to learn to use to our advantage or otherwise ignore to our detriment.

Here are the gems I picked up at the conference:

Vered Huri

Vered Huri – Founder & CEO, Ewise Marketing

Vered spoke about the importance of personalizing your brand. Digital technology enables brands to connect with customers in a way that hasn’t been possible until now.

We are wired to want to feel special.

Massive brands like Nike are finding ways to customize and personalize their products through enabling customers to create their own signature Nike shoe. And people are loving it. Because it’s personal and exciting.

Your brand’s values are your brand’s personality.

This is the language in which you have to learn to communicate.

Facebook – don’t recommend yourself, ask a friend to do it for you.

Chatbots – when these work well, it’s amazing and chatbots and get you tons of leads.

The end of cash is coming. Learn to get paid with PayBox, Pepper Pay and whatever else is out there.

Digital marketing is a matter of trial and error. Be daring and break boundaries.

From left to right: Yael Wainer, Tamar Nadler, Dr. Asmaa Genaim, Racheli Ganot, Rony Ross

Panel: Winning in the Digital Age

My favorite question to the panel: what tip do you give yourself?

Tamar Nadler – Founder and CEO, 2Link:

Ignore energy drainers – those thoughts in your head that tell you that your idea won’t work. Keep looking forward.

Dr. Asmaa Genaim – Founder and CEO, InnDigital:

Think deeply. Think about what you want and look at reality realistically.

Racheli Ganot – Founder and CEO, Rachip:

Rony Ross – Founder and Executive Chairman, Panorama:

You only see obstacles if you take your eyes off the goal.

Masha Dashkov

Masha Dashkov – Founder & CEO, Digitalent

  1. Use digital platforms to network. Connect with people that can become your clients.
  2. You are a publisher and your Facebook profile is a media channel. Start creating professional content.
  3. Join groups and communities. Join the groups your clients are a part of. Participate in discussions and make personal connections.
  4. Use your business page on Facebook to document interesting moments in your brand’s life. Add images, tag clients and ask people for their opinions.
  5. Open an “ideas group.” Consult with clients, conduct surveys, and be responsive. If you make changes to the group – report them.
  6. Use “soft” forms of communication – emails, messages, Messenger.
  7. Find an idea that’s bigger than your business (but connected to your business) and form meetups. Hold events that provide value and collect data.
  8. Start a blog. Your business needs a home.
  9. Use a CRM to collect data about your clients. Connect to clients via Facebook and take every opportunity to connect with them – birthdays, work promotions and important events.
  10.  Persistent messages and being constantly present has more impact than any advertising budget.
  11. Wow your clients with wow moments.
  12. Post high quality content, even if no one reads it. It will pay off.
  13. Don’t just write about new ideas. Share your thoughts and feelings.

Sigal Amsalem – Business Mentor, Digital Marketing and Business Development

Storytelling can be used to teach, inspire or promote change. Stories are not always about engagement.

When speaking about storytelling in the context of brands, storytelling can be used to raise a brand’s value.

Who you are, your experience, and the language you create for your brand are all important in creating a meaningful brand story.

Hope to see you next year at the Jasmine Conference 2020!