3. Tania Amar

Co-Founder & CEO, CXP Consulting


Tania Amar
What it means?

Trustworthiness refers to the fundamental attribute of being reliable and honest, which inspires confidence in people.  Trustworthiness is tested daily in business leaders’ behavior, as it requires to consistently live up to committed promises and to deliver high-quality services.

Why it matters?

I believe this is an essential quality of a successful business leader as it directly relates to reputation and credibility.

I believe this is one of the most demanding and high-standard values as this is not an attribute you can simply declare that you own. It is quality that you need to earn and deserve as a result of uncompromised work ethics, discipline, respect and transparency.

How can we promote it?

Promoting this central value starts at young age, where parents and teachers should demonstrate trustworthiness through their own behaviors and commitment to integrity, open communication, accountability and consistency. Leading by example, taking responsibility and integrity should be represented as top priorities in our societies whether you are a parent, a teacher, a manager or a political leader.