22. Susan Fisher

Strategy & Communication Consultant and Coach Co-Chair Digital Eve Israel


Susan Fisher
What it means?

Positivity is not the upbeat, bouncy unrestrained type that is probably something that people are born with – that seems to me to be a little undiscriminating.
Rather, positivity is the quieter, reasoned and deliberate choice to be positive; looking for the good, calling it out loud and making the best of things even when there is precious little to salvage from a situation.

Why it matters?

It matters because behind the source of Positivity is a belief that there will always be a better day. This is not just some lofty ideal but a practical guide to moving forward and taking people with you.
And it pays dividends. When we make it a better day – or even a just about good enough one – positivity shapeshifts into gratitude.

How can we promote it?

It wouldn’t be a value if we could promote it without doing it; you have to be the change you want to see. When negativity strikes – and it does all the time – I like to remind myself and anyone around me of the wise advice I heard early in my career “ Solutions not problems.” and “Tell me what you can do, not what you can’t do.” It works – of that, I am positive.