2. Martine Alperstein

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Alperstein Martine
What it means?

A willingness to give help or support, esp. more than is usual or expected

Why it matters?

Generosity is a critical value in the world of business, and in the world as a whole. It has the power to build strong relationships with customers, clients, and colleagues, who are more likely to trust and respect the person or business that acted with generosity towards them. Sure, this can lead to repeat business, and positive word-of-mouth marketing. But most importantly, it builds and breeds long-term relationships.

How can we promote it?

I occasionally get asked to present some thoughts on how to use digital marketing and social media to grow and build a business. And yes, I include the usual tactics, strategies and methods on how to do this successfully but I always end off with my signature ingredient….SHARE THE LOVE. Be generous. Be generous with your time. With your knowledge. With your expertise. Be generous with your output, your deliverables. Go the extra mile. And if you are already sitting at “the table”, shift up and invite someone to bring a chair and sit next to you at the table.