52. Lori Rosenberg

Occupational Therapist PhD

Being attentive

Dr. Lori Rosenberg
What it means?

Being attentive means listening to people around us without judgement, and seeking to understand them, with respect for differences and with curiosity.

Why it matters?

By being more attentive to people around us we can become more tolerant of diversity. When you ask people why they’ve done something or think a certain way, the answers are often surprising. We don’t have to agree, but we should listen. This goes well beyond politics, to cultural divergence and accessibility. People are usually very interesting if you give them a real chance.

How can we promote it?

It is not hard to start listening to people and asking them why, but we need to learn not to judge and not be threatened by differences – people at all levels of abilities, with other backgrounds, and different beliefs…. We are a much richer society when we can include a wide spectrum of individuals.