71. Keren Weizman

Marketing Executive


Keren Weizman
What it means?

Faith is a strong belief or trust in something, usually without requiring proof or evidence. It can refer to religious faith, where individuals have a belief in a higher power, but it can also refer to trust and confidence in a person or an idea.

Why it matters?

Faith plays an important role in our society, providing a sense of community and shared purpose. It brings people together around shared beliefs, values and traditions, creating a sense of belonging and connection.

How can we promote it?

In a country like ours which embodies many religions, segments and preferences, it’s crucial for us to accept one each other’s faith. In Hebrew we have a sentence which describes it best: ‘Each one shall live by his own faith’. Promoting a culture of tolerance and respect for diverse beliefs and perspectives will create an environment of understanding and promote a common purpose as a nation.