61. Iris Shapira Yalon

A curious soul, Director and Poet


Iris Shapira Yaalon
What it means?

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which mistakes to keep.”  

– Scott Adams

 Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new, innovative and valuable is formed. Creative thinking is characterized by fluency, imagination, originality and conceptual flexibility.

Why it matters?

Creativity is the ability to think “outside the box” – breaking through and leaving molds. Creativity is a key trait that is required in almost every aspect of ​​life.

It contributes to society in creating solutions to challenges, as well as helps individuals to fulfill themself. Israel, “the start-up nation” uses creativity for economic prosperity.

How can we promote it?

Creative thinking is not merely the domain of geniuses. It can be nurtured and developed by creating a climate free from criticism and judgment, with a broader perspective.

Be open to new things – diversified reading material, new hobbies, different kinds of people – different from what you have done so far – dream, dance, meditate, draw.