69. Dr. Yofi Tirosh

Vice Dean at the Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law and Award-winning Activist


Dr. Yofi Tirosh
Photo Credit: Israel Hadari
What it means?

Cooperation between two or more people, organizations, powers, or substances can produce something bigger and better than the sum of its parts. This is synergy.

Why it matters?

In the first months of 2023, a civil protest on a scale never seen before in Israel has awoken. This text is written amid rapidly unfolding events. Uncertainty still looms large. But one good thing can already be said about the current crisis: It has created unprecedented connectivity within and between different facets of Israeli society. Dictatorships do not like citizens who cooperate. They prefer them isolated, divided, and weak. In legal academia, for example, hierarchies have flattened, and we work together with incredible communication and connectivity.

How can we promote it?

Create alliances. Focus on common goals and not on differences. Exchange contact information. Reach out. Discuss. Act together. Collaborate. Act effectively. This is synergy.