31. Diana Heuman

Digital Marketing Consultant


Diana Heuman
What it means?

Just tell the TRUTH. It’s simple, right? Straight cold hard facts. But then we add a filter to look better. We exaggerate to get more likes. We use deep fakes and AI then pass it off as the real deal.

Why it matters?

The truth has been sacrificed for perfection, attention, and sensation. As a society, it has made us suspicious of each other and miserable about ourselves.But the truth holds the magic of authenticity, the power of honesty, the strength of trust, and the charm of relatability.

If we use Truthfulness as a guiding light, we will be rewarded with real growth.

How can we promote it?

Learn how to navigate the digital world

  • Think critically about everything you see and read
  • Help your kids spot fake “reality” online
  • Your attention is valuable currency online. Give it only to those who deserve it.