56. Andi Saitowitz

Business Psychologist, Leadership & Team Coach


What it means?

It’s an attitude and desire to know and learn more, to seek truth, inquire deeper and gain greater understanding. A superpower to broaden horizons, discover and experience new things, bring more awe and joy into life.

Why it matters?

Curiosity helps us stay eternal life students and better-makers, with a thirst and passion for learning and growth. It can guide our decisions by encouraging us to consider new angles and alternative approaches, benefits, advantages and limitations to our choices. It can inform our work with people dedicated to creating outstanding results, meaning and impact. It enhances awareness and illuminates blind spots. It fuels kindness; driving us to seek understanding and show up with empathy.

How can we promote it?

– Ask open-ended questions that encourage unlearning, relearning and changing our minds through insightful conversations
– Build our willingness to get uncomfortable and see things for different viewpoints
– Ensure a vulnerability and humility to not have to be right
– Challenge outdated thinking and reframe old limiting beliefs that are no longer helpful
– Spend time with people who are different from you