33. Aliza Hughes

Director of Thought Leadership at ZoecialMedia


Aliza Hughes
What it means?

Humor is a communication tool that can be used to create a shared experience and positive emotions that encourage individuals to communicate more openly and freely.

Why it matters?

When we share a laugh with someone, we open lines of communication that weren’t there before because we’ve shared a piece of ourselves that’s a little more relaxed, a little more natural. We suddenly feel more comfortable with the other person, like we can talk to them more openly and freely.
Imagine if we could talk openly with others whenever we wanted? Imagine if we just said what needed to be said instead of wasting time and energy avoiding confrontation or conflict?

That’s what humor brings to the world.

How can we promote it?

Share a smile, share a joke, share some joy and you’ve opened up a line of communication, regardless if you’re standing at the company water-cooler or at Thanksgiving dinner.