As I write and rewrite and rewrite my story again, I realize that if I want to be successful as I writer I will have to be frugal with my words.

Ideas need to come across clear and concise. No beating around the bush. If a character has something to say – they have to say it as clearly as possible. Their words must be carefully chosen as I attempt to emotionally involve the reader.

In today’s world we mostly don’t have time to think about the words we use. We shoot them out – in e-mails, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, whatever. But then again I suppose most people don’t think of themselves as writers. So perhaps people who don’t view themselves as writers don’t care.

I’m not saying is that it’s ok for non-writers not to put more thought into their writing – whatever writing that may be. But what I am saying is that if you consider yourself a writer be frugal with your words. Write a first draft – the e-mail that comes off the top of your head. But before pressing send reread and rewrite. Be a writer in all aspects of your writing. Become the well-rounded writer by practicing frugal writing always.