I’m a writer and I love what I do.

Some dare say that I’m good at it.

When my ideas, the blank sheet of paper (real or digital), and my pen (or computer) become best friends, I revel in the solitude of my writing.

Unfortunately that’s not always the case.

In an instant I can find myself lost, abandoned by the fickle muse, who without any notice decides to have a meltdown. It’s then that my ideas are no longer tame; they refuse to be confined to the page. They want to fly. And out the window they go.

Frantically, desperately I search for assistance. Somebody please, help me. Help me believe that this doesn’t just happen to me. Help me believe that I have not lost my ability to write or think creatively.

It’s at that crucial moment that Writer’s Digest comes to my rescue. It’s my place, my writer’s solace.



Here are the reason’s why I just can’t get enough:

1.  Fantastic articles. Sometimes I get stuck. I need to figure out how to build a specific scene, or how to build tension or how to make my character more compelling. I go to the article section of the site. And I’ll find something that either suits my needs or my interest. I’ll read it and then get back to my writing to give it another crack. Faith restored, as is the mood of the muse.


2. Free Writing Downloads. When you have such an authority in the writing industry giving you free tips and ones that you can download in an instant to make yours, you’d be crazy not to learn and download as many as you can.



3.  The Writer’s Dig is Brian Klem’s blog. I love it. I love his practical tips and checking out who he got to guest post. He’s a writer who just gets writing and writers.


There are more than just three reason to love Writer’s Digest. So check it out.

What are your favorite sites for writers? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.