4. Yael Arad

Israel’s First Olympic Medalist and President of Israel’s Olympic Committee


Yael Arad
Photo Credit: Ilan Besor
What it means?

Innovation is achieved by examining and analyzing challenges – both personal and professional – in new and creative ways, without being limited by how things were done in the past.

Why it matters?

As long as people approach challenges they face with the same methods and solutions they’ve used in the past, it will be very difficult for them to develop new processes or achieve breakthroughs. That’s why it’s important to create new pathways and methods, and this requires innovative thinking.

How can we promote it?

The first way is by being open-minded to unconventional thinking. It is a discipline to not be disciplined – it’s teaching yourself to resist the urge to return to the old and familiar. 

The second way is through exposure and learning innovative tools that lead to innovative thinking. Innovation cannot be learned because innovation is something new every time. But you can be exposed to innovative thinking through case studies, ideation workshops, and meeting with innovative individuals.