7. Susan Becker

VP of Marketing, Cervello


Susan Becker
What it means?

Honesty is to be true to yourself, to choose a career path, a lifestyle, specific behaviors, and the people who surround you most of the time – that is in accordance with your basic principles to live an honest life.

Why it matters?

It is critical for society to implement the value of staying honest, to remain true to what we consider important, to remain honest with ourselves, and not relegate our values to remain as slogans during elections.

How can we promote it?

 In a strong democracy, our laws are intended to be the forum for promoting honesty. In Israel, there are many excellent non-governmental organizations that encourage dialogue among our various sectors: religious and secular, left and right, Jews and Arabs, etc. If these organizations could receive a larger platform in our society, we could rise to a greater level of honesty, at least among the common citizens.