26. Sivan Geva

Head of Communications, Intuit Israel


Sivan Geva
What it means?

The value of Understanding lies in our ability to connect the dots and gain insights into why people behave the way they do. It’s a graceful approach that embraces acceptance and compassion and stands in stark contrast to judgement and criticism. When we practice Understanding, we open ourselves up to new perspectives and deepen our relationships with others. We become more empathetic, and our interactions with the world become more meaningful and fulfilling.

Why it matters?

“You don’t need strength to let go of something. What you really need is understanding.”
– Guy Finely.

Understanding can be a powerful tool in both your personal and professional life. By approaching situations with empathy, grace and understanding, you can create a more inclusive and supportive environment, make better decisions, and ultimately lead a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

How can we promote it?

At Intuit we have this amazingly simple tool to help us promote understanding and empathizing with our team members. It is called the Journey Line exercise.

Each team member reflects on their life’s profound moments and plots them on a Journey Line chart with an X-axis for time and a Y-axis for emotional highs and lows. The exercise concludes with a summary of how their Journey Line shaped their core beliefs, revealing itself daily in the workplace. It creates a safe space for co-workers to share their whole selves, fostering greater appreciation and understanding which ultimately creates amazing inclusion.