67. Shev Simon

CEO, Shine


Shev Simon
What it means?

The essence of integrity is this: being clear on your own values and beliefs, and living inside them.

Why it matters?

When I show up in integrity, I can create healthy boundaries that keep me safe and protect my energy. I can be fully present in the relationships that nourish me – and step away from the ones that don’t. I can be whole and true, clear and confident. It’s such a relief. When you’re in integrity, you’re able to approach any situation armed with a clear, strong core of you-ness. You can always make decisions in alignment with your vision of dignity and decency. Which might not result in you living the life you dreamed of having (because: life.) But it might result in you becoming the person you dreamed of being.

Integrity is the foundation of everything you do and everything you are. And you, clear and confident, is exactly the light we all need right now.

How can we promote it?

Be meticulous in your words: say what you mean and mean what you say. Be reliable: follow through on your commitments. Take radical responsibility for your actions. Be respectful of other people, even when you disagree with them. Create healthy boundaries. And this: get to know and love yourself, so you can show up calmly, easily, and with a clear mind, in any space, and with any person, in integrity.