68. Shani Sror Adiver

Business Project Manager –Invest in Yourself, IBI Investment House Ltd


Sror Adiver Shani
What it means?

Feeling confident, powerful, and capable are all essential pieces to growing and learning as a person.

Why it matters?

You are much more likely to be successful at something if you believe you can do it or make others feel confident and powerful.
Empowering others is my goal and my purpose.
I have always been attracted to powerful people, fascinated by their impact on others.
By providing others with knowledge, tools, and inspiration, I do my best to empower and lead toward financial independence.
I thrive by empowering others in my personal and business relationships and try to surround myself with like-minded people.

How can we promote it?

Financial independence is key to freedom of choice and well-being for us women. Many of us got used to working hard and saving money, nowadays we realize that investments and financial growth are part of any woman’s right and duty.