51. Sarah Raanan

Visibility Coach and Branding Photographer


Sarah Raanan
What it means?

Mindfulness is about having an awareness of yourself in the here and now, knowing how to stay grounded and focused. By learning how to catch yourself and pay attention to your thoughts and feelings without judgment, you can keep your mind boat from capsizing even in the midst of chaos.

Why it matters?

With the million things currently on your plate and the 100 more on your to-do list, it’s easy to get lost in the past and the future and not ever experience being in the present moment.  Being present allows us to let go of regrets about the past and worries about the future, and to fully immerse ourselves in the present moment, leading to joy, contentment and a much more meaningful life.

How can we promote it?

My favorite way to be mindful at work is to ‘Practice Presence’, by being fully present and engaged in each moment of my business activities. I aim to avoid multitasking and resist the urge to constantly check emails or notifications whilst in meetings. You can cultivate more mindfulness in your business by focusing on the task at hand, listening attentively, and being fully present in your interactions with your team, clients, and partners.