30. Rona Henig

Project Manager for Events, Exhibitions and Experiential Marketing


Rona Henig
What it means?

Fairness means leading your staff, suppliers, colleagues, collaborators, and all people you lead, without ill-using your privileged status for your own protection or for escaping responsibility.

Why it matters?

Fairness is another word for mutual trust, respect and integrity – basic characteristics of any leader and the foremost reasons that motivate individuals to follow and collaborate with you.  

Unworthy leaders or toxic leaders use their uncriticized position to unfairly escape responsibility or consequences for their actions and decisions and nobody wants to follow them or really contribute to their cause.

Once a leaders’ actions are defined by fairness you will find him/her leading by example and promoting a healthy organizational culture.

How can we promote it?

Educated people in positions of power need to face reality in a fair way: they should admit their mistakes, take responsibility, and avoid the temptation to unfairly lay blame on subordinates, employees or suppliers, either because they lack courage or because an accountability mechanism is absent.