39. Revital Kremer

Strategy and Marketing Specialist, Lecturer and a Personal Entrepreneurship Coach


Kremer Revital
What it means?

Flexibility means quickly adjusting your thinking or behavior and adapting to new situations. Being adaptable also entails letting go of rigid thought patterns and welcoming change even if we didn’t ask for it.

Why it matters?

Flexibility can help one face life’s challenges, as well as learn and grow from experiences. Flexibility and continuous learning are critical for our success in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world.     

In Chinese culture, a flexible person is often compared to bamboo, able to bend when the wind is too strong and stand tall when the sun shines. Our ability to be flexible and adapt to reality is critical as women, mothers, business owners and entrepreneurs.

How can we promote it?

Try to be present, increase your self-awareness and gain perspective on your thoughts and emotions.

Ask yourself “WHAT IF?” to help you develop a flexible mentality. Be open to new ideas, SAY YES to new experiences and be open to different points of view and perspectives. This may help you expand your horizons and help you approach problems from a new perspective, which will make you mor creative, vital and brave.

Cultivating flexibility has many benefits, including giving you great stories to tell your grandchildren when you get old.