11. Rebecca Brygel

CEO and Founder of Surgimate


Brygel Rebecca
What it means?

Certainly not a value that requires an explanation in Israel. It feels as though it’s an activity that everyone takes part in; from youngsters to the elderly and is not limited to the able-bodied, the educated or those with means as it may be in other locales.

Why it matters?

Volunteering is an act that brings us closer to one another and provides opportunity for both parties… who are simultaneously giving and receiving.

How can we promote it?

Whether it’s cooking on Fridays for those who cannot, assisting army graduates find a career, or spending quality time playing games with someone who is isolated, there is always something we can do to live better together.

I have personally been a grateful recipient and contributor of volunteer work and hope that this wonderful facet of our culture will continue strong into our 76th year and beyond.