8. Rachely Ben Amram

Writer, Pitching Expert and Lecturer for Non-Violent & Effective Communication, Public Speaker

Leading By Example

Rachely Ben Amram
What it means?

Leading by example is the ability to inspire others to align their actions and behavior with specific values, by being a role model and living in accordance with those values.

It begins with ourselves when we listen to our inner voice and explore the values we wish to pursue in our lives.  

 Mahatama Gandhi said “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” 

Leading by example focuses on oneself, on our own  behavior, and not on trying to change others. 

Why it matters?

Leadership is important for making our lives in society better. 

Unfortunately, not all entrusted with leading positions know that true leadership begins with leading ourselves, with being a living example of the values we wish to promote.


How can we promote it?

As a woman, mother, wife, friend and business owner, I remind myself every day that making a good change is not about anyone else but me.

Being a living, breathing example of the values I wish to promote, enhances my ability to influence others and spread ripples of good in my life and the world around me.

Being a leader by example is not about telling others what you think is the right way, it’s about paving a path for them to follow if they wish.