21. Pesha Fischer



Pesha Fischer
What it means?

Family is not just defined by people who share your DNA or your bed. Family is a way of looking at people that you share a country with. It’s why old women tell you to put a hat on your baby’s head. It’s why we cry when our friends’ children draft for the army. It’s why we feel connected even when we fight. It’s why we share food with strangers in the street. Because they aren’t strangers, they are family. Family is the ability to see that all people deserve to be loved and respected even when we disagree, even when we don’t like how they are behaving.

Why it matters?

When we see each other as family, we value each other even when we disagree.

How can we promote it?

When you meet someone that you think is incredibly different from you then ask them questions and listen to their answers. Join organizations that promote dialogue.