40. Orit Lahav

Adv., Executive Director Mavoi Satum


Orit Lahav
What it means?

Open-mindedness is the most important value for human development. Doubt everything, ask questions, investigate, experiment. Open-mindedness allows us to examine our positions instead of working on auto-pilot.

As a behavior, open-mindedness can be expressed through being adventurous, being willing to say yes more often, and approaching new people, experiences, and the world, with an open heart and a curious mind.


Why it matters?

Among other reasons, open-mindedness is important for creating social change. As a woman who deals with the problem of agunot, I find that the mental barrier is our biggest obstacle.  People are sure that the agunah problem has no clear solutions – that is has always existed, and will always continue to exist. Our greatest challenge is to provide an alternative – to demonstrate that a world without agunot is achievable. One this idea is embraced, the path to such a world will be very short.  

How can we promote it?

Through education, open-mindedness can be cultivated by fostering curiosity and inquiry from an early age. In later stages of life, one can practice open-mindedness by seeking out meetings with diverse individuals – meetings with the aim of listening and understanding, rather than convincing others. Exposure to diverse content can also help cultivate open-mindedness.