48. Naama Margolis, Adv.

Head of Defense , Aerospace & Global Trade Compliance practice at Shibolet & Co.


Margolis Naama
What it means?

Humility is the recognition that each of us has been born with a certain nature and into certain circumstances that may give us certain abilities and privileges which others may not have. It is also the recognition that no one person has a monopoly on ‘the truth’; rather, that each of us filters our life experiences through a subjective lens. This recognition doesn’t have to lead to moral equivalence or to discounting one’s own abilities, but it does require self-awareness and a reckoning with one’s contours and limitations.

Why it matters?

A humble person is open to listening and learning from others. A humble person is also more likely to reach agreements with others and reduce conflict.

How can we promote it?

We can become more aware of our privileges and limitations by making an intentional effort to listen without prejudice to people who are not entirely like us   – whether in age, race, culture or beliefs.