53. Maura Rosenfeld

Chief Business Officer, MindUP


Maura Rosenfeld
What it means?

Behaving morally is a standard you should feel proud of – that you’re treating others in the same way that you would want to be treated. It’s a human value that emphasizes that we have to take that we have to take responsibility for the consequences of our actions – making a choice based on the right things to do and not just what’s good for me, but about the effect it will have on others.

Why it matters?

People seem to have lost touch with what that means, hiding behind labels that they’re acting for a higher power when their actions show just the opposite. Doing something for the greater good that benefits everyone is much more powerful than destroying.

We can all benefit from creating a large pie. We can fight to divide things up or we can help make everyone rise, grow, and thrive.

How can we promote it?
  1. By setting a personal example. We’re human and though we fail, we have to try our best for next time.
  2. Stay in touch with self-reflection
  3. When you’re in an environment where you can set the tone, set the standard for other people’s behavior