37. Mascha Kosky Sachs

VP Brand at accessiBE


Mascha Kosky Sachs
What it means?

Inclusivity means providing equal opportunities for all individuals, because everyone has a unique and valuable contribution to make. It’s making sure that everyone is given a seat at the table regardless of their backgrounds and experiences. What’s more, inclusivity ensures that the path to the table has been cleared, and that all people feel welcome there.

Why it matters?

What people don’t always realise is that everyone benefits from an inclusive environment. It creates a richer dialogue which leads to more innovation, new ideas and greater creativity.

How can we promote it?

Start by looking around you. Make an honest assessment of your touchpoints with different types of people. Are there people at the table who are different from you? Are you staying in your comfort zone or pursuing diversity in your interactions?

Try it. Make an active effort to connect with a more diverse range of people both personally and at work. Think who else might have value to add to your meeting and invite them. Ask questions that encourage real answers. Share your own vulnerabilities to create a welcoming environment for others to do the same. The proof will be in the pudding and you’ll get a new perspective on old or new challenges.