24. Leah Gelband

Career Coach and School Psychologist


Leah Gelband
What it means?

Simplicity is the art of uncomplicating my life. It seems like our default (at least mine) is to overdo and overthink, and that constantly makes us feel that there is a never-ending gap between what is desired and what we have.

Why it matters?

Over complicating things makes us get stuck in our ways and doesn’t allow for flexibility and fresh perspectives. It leaves many people confused about how to go about life. It insulates people from their surroundings and masks the beauty of people’s kind hearts.  In society, this especially stands out with maladies such as bureaucracy, prejudice, polluted environments and even with anger and grudges that we hold on to because “it’s complicated”.

Using simplicity as a guiding value will enable each individual to act more freely and be less hung up about perfection and others’ opinions.

How can we promote it?
  1. Always ask yourself: And if it were simple, what would this look like?
  2. Speak from the heart and say what’s really on your mind. I know this is not always possible, but it’s my winning strategy and the key that enables me to connect to many types of people. Speaking your truth will unclutter your heart and your mind and have lasting effects on those around you (and rippling effects on society!).
  3. Ask yourself: What do I want? and really listen.