46. Judith Manassen Ramon, Ph.D.

Documentary filmmaker, media psychologist, leadership researcher in social movements, social and environmental activist, narrative fixer


Judith Manassen-Ramon
What it means?

Some mistakenly think that democracy is the majority rule, since that is how its representatives are elected. In fact, Democracy is measured not by the majority rule but by its ability to protect its minorities, its most vulnerable.

Why it matters?

Democracy is the common denominator, enabling the full range of colors in society’s rainbow to manifest themselves. In better times, democracy is not a goal in itself but is an essential, preliminary condition for society to thrive.

It is what is needed to bring the best out of minorities, and when minority rights are protected the majority is free to thrive.

Democracy is also strongly connected with equality of basic civil and human rights, provided to all people under its governance.

How can we promote it?

This year, more than ever, I wish for the people of Israel to connect to the spirit of tolerance, equality and acceptance, as without these, democracy can become an empty vessel.