17. Jenny Drezin

VP Communications, PR Advisor for Startups/Entrepreneurs


Jenny Drezin
What it means?

We live in unstable and uncertain times. From political instability to economic downturn, the Covid pandemic to the AI revolution, the only thing certain these days is change. Human beings are creatures of habit, and rapid transformation makes us nervous.

Leading with transparency is the best way to address instability. I define it as being open and honest, communicating frequently, and encouraging people to express their thoughts and fears.

Why it matters?

Transparency matters in a world where technology is rapidly replacing human work. Is that video authentic or was it manipulated using deepfake technology? Was this opinion piece written by me or Chat GPT? (Spoiler: I wrote it myself, with a little help.) As we move towards increased human and machine collaboration, transparency ensures accountability and responsible decision-making.

How can we promote it?

Transparency is key to building trust between people living in different environments.  In my workplace, this means communicating management decisions and policy updates as soon as I know them, addressing challenges head on, rather than sweeping them under the rug, and encouraging my team to speak their mind.