25. Jamie Geller

Chief Media and Marketing Officer, Aish


Jamie Geller
What it means?

While Merriam Webster defines gracious as marked by kindness, courtesy and characterized by charm, the Hebrew word חן (Chen) is defined as grace, favor, and beauty. I connect to this value so deeply because my Hebrew name חנה (Chana).

Why it matters?

When I see someone genuine, kind and with that special sparkle, in French they’d say “je ne sais quoi” – a phrase whose literal translation is “I don’t know what” but really means “a thing that can’t be defined, adequately described or expressed but whose appealing quality and existence is understood intuitively” – is exactly what I think is at the heart and soul and basic makeup of every Jew.

How can we promote it?

 I think it’s critical we uncover the inherent graciousness in ourselves and dig deep to see that quality in others.  When we express this value and identify this value in others, our everyday interactions, deep conversations and important relationships become more pleasant, tempered, respectful, understanding and kind.  All of which we so desperately need in every arena of our personal and professional lives.