66. Iris Shoor

Serial Entrepreneur


Iris Shoor
What it means?

Diversity is often associated with clear categories such as gender and race. And still, in workplaces that prioritize diversity, many of us still feel like we don’t belong. True diversity goes beyond these categories and encompasses acceptance of individuals for who they truly are. This means acknowledging and valuing introverts, individuals with unique perspectives, and those with different priorities. The feeling of being an outsider in a workplace is not always linked to gender, but rather can stem from feeling like everyone else in the room is an alpha type while you are not.

Why it matters?

I strongly believe in the moto “Be your best self”. It leads to happier people and better results. I also strongly believe that promoting and supporting deep diversity will also lead to diversity by gender and race.

How can we promote it?

Be more open about who you truly are and your challenges. From my experience, once I share my struggles such as stage freight or challenges around speaking in large meetings, people around me open up as well. Dare to be different, dare not to always fit in, it’s OK. Observe the character of people around you, ask yourself what they really need.