5. Hila Bar

Owner and CEO of Bundu Communications


Hila Bar
What it means?

Authenticity. Such a strong, beautiful word. Because authenticity is YOU. It is who you are deep down inside, so deep that it doesn’t matter anymore what happens on the outside.

Why it matters?

Authenticity is what happens when you are honest and true to your feelings, so that you can make the right choices, leading everything to naturally fall into place. When we live authentically, we give society our best, even if it’s just a priceless smile that can ripple into a person’s life and flood their whole household; brighten their classroom; inspire every person they encounter that day.

How can we promote it?

Actions based on a true, authentic foundation, creates magic: Our hearts open and we learn acceptance; our compassion blooms; we are happy without trying, and our healthy energy pervades everywhere. So be brave and be you. Encourage others to be true, and be a role model for a heathier, stronger, and happier society.