45. Hagar Man Sarusi

Employer Brand Specialist, VP Digital & Innovation, Maof


Hagar Man Sarusi
What it means?

Self-discipline is the ability to take action without external prompting or expectations. It is you who motivates and leads you to harness your abilities towards success, without relying on external factors. Self-discipline is about making decisions that align with your values despite external distractions, challenges, and temptations. It’s driven by internal motivation, focus and persistence towards significant long-term goals, even if it means enduring short-term inconveniences.
Self-discipline is the daily practice of making and implementing decisions according to plans, despite challenges. It involves effective time management and the ability to focus on important and meaningful tasks.

Why it matters?

Self-discipline allows people to make choices that advance their long-term goals. It encourages growth and personal development, enhances one’s ability to conquer goals, and has the potential to foster a more productive and prosperous society where people take responsibility for their actions.

How can we promote it?

Like anything else, self-discipline gets better with practice. By setting goals for ourselves, planning how we’ll achieve them, and breaking them down into smaller manageable tasks, we can develop self-discipline over time.