65. Gili Shlezinger

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Human Rights

Gili Shlezinger
What it means?

 Each of us has rights that we are entitled to as human beings. We can live a life of liberty and freedom because of these rights. Our rights exist to ensure that we are treated fairly by others, that we are able to think freely, express ourselves, satisfy our desires, and achieve our goals. Regardless of gender, race, or religious belief.

Why it matters?

Generally, human rights are meant to protect us from society’s powerful. Most of the time, the groups that are in power participate in government.

In a democratic country, the government is in the hands of the citizens. Therefore, without human rights it is impossible to have a democratic government (rule of the people).

In order for citizens to be able to exercise their rights, it is necessary for them to have human rights, this is the only way citizens can influence the government according to the majority’s will.

How can we promote it?
  1. Creating a constitution for the State of Israel that clearly states human rights
  2. Early education on equal rights regardless of race, gender, and religion
  3. Educating and modeling human rights at home to serve an example for children