28. Gila Green

Novelist, Book Editor, EFL Lecturer, Creative Writing Coach


Gila Green
What it means?

Exploration means traveling to new territory. This can take many forms. You can travel to new inner territory by exploring a personal form of expression, such as writing or writing in a new genre or format. You can travel to new territory by physically going to that place you’ve always wanted to experience. You can explore new areas in relationships personally and professionally. Exploring is limitless.

Why it matters?

Exploration means expansion and it is what shapes our world, whether on the micro level regarding our own families or on the macro level, our communities, cities, and countries. Exploration means finding out more and there’s always more, you are never done.

How can we promote it?

By respecting those around us and listening to them, we can encourage exploration. People who feel valued and respected are not afraid to ask questions, to open up new areas of communication. People who don’t are stifled. Encourage your friends and relatives to try the things they’ve been talking about for so long. Instead of being that person who tells them all of the reasons why they can’t try something new, be the person who helps them figure out how they can.