29. Fara Hain

VP Corporate Marketing, Skyhawk Security


Fara Hain
What it means?

Generally rooted in the concept of fairness, justice underpins the legal and moral code of any society. It is a balancing act between what a society deems is right or moral or fair and serves as the basis for enacting laws.

Why it matters?

There’s a biblical verse, “Justice, justice, you should pursue,” and the verse continues, “that you may inherit the land.” It’s a helpful reminder that the active pursuit of justice, laws, and fairness are the only way to govern a country successfully.

How can we promote it?

Perhaps pursuing justice today – when so many aspects of ‘what is just’ are debated – means that we get out of our comfort zone to understand the merits of both sides of an argument. If we pursue Justice by genuinely looking not only at our own beliefs and values, but also the beliefs and values of those on the other side, I believe we will enact laws that adhere to the pursuit of justice.