75. Efrat Zocher Arica

Product manager in renewable energy and director of a community center in Jerusalem


Efrat Zocher Aricha
Photo credit: Avigail Piperno-Beer
What it means?

We tend to define tolerance for individuals who are “different from us,” but the truth is, every person is different in their own way.

There are currently contentious debates on various topics that stem from different worldviews. Embracing tolerance will allow us to speak to each other calmly and in a way that allows for discussion and acceptance of others different than us.

Why it matters?

Various groups in our society are currently asserting their rights and pushing for their voices to be heard. This can be a challenging and uncomfortable process. The conflict is real and complex and the only way that we’ll succeed in finding solutions is by taking a step back “breathing deeply” and actively listening.

How can we promote it?

To promote tolerance, we must first see it as fundamental to the discussion. This involves talking about it with other people, accepting that society is composed of individuals with varying beliefs, and contemplating how we can coexist in harmony despite our differences.