58. Dr. Miriam Schwartz-Ziv

Senior Lecturer in Finance and Director of Undergraduate Studies of Business Administration at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Dr. Miriam Schwarz-Ziv
What it means?

To remain strong, motivated and focused on your targets, even after you experienced a difficult situation or a setback.

Why it matters?

Quite often, people that “made it” are able to successfully achieve their goals because they are resilient. When they experience a challenge, setback or at times even a failure, they use these situations as an opportunity to learn from their mistakes, and re-evaluate their path. They do not give up easily, and actively continue to pursue their goals even when times get tough.

How can we promote it?

When people doubt themselves, encourage them to believe in themselves, and recognize the power within themselves to take control of many situations, and steer their own ship in direction they wish.