59. Dr. Dafna Shaked

AI Excellence and Organizational Development Expert


Dr. Dafna Shaked
What it means?

Focus is like a superpower that enables you to concentrate on your own uniqueness, and channel your energy to the impact you wish to bring.

Picture it as a magnifying glass that helps you see things clearly and make decisions in alignment with your highest values.

Why it matters?

Because when it comes to achieving success and productivity, FOCUS is one crucial ingredient that cannot be ignored.

But here’s the best part: The value of focus extends far beyond personal achievement, as it significantly impacts society as a whole.

How can we promote it?

My WhatsApp status slogan “Do what you do best”, captures what I believe in most: Concentrate on your specialty, connect it with positivity and energy, and the rest will fall into place.

By focusing on our core abilities and passions, we create a stronger society that is capable of solving problems and making positive changes.